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Fiber Optic High Speed Internet

Get performance you can count on with CUZipp High Speed Internet.

CDFCU offers Fiber Optic High Speed Internet in select areas. Fiber Optic Internet is up to 25X faster than DSL and cable internet. From browsing the internet to streaming high-def movies, CUZipp Internet plans let you do what you love. Take advantage of our great rates when you choose one of our CUZipp internet plans.

Standard Plan

Up to 5 Mbps

For everyday basic internet use. Surf the web, connect with friends and family on Facebook, send email and download medium sized files.

Residential: $43.95 per month

Business: $56.95 per month

Extreme Plan

Up to 10 Mbps

For customers who download large files, watch videos, stream music and more.

Residential: $48.95 per month

Business: $61.95 per month

Turbo Plan

Up to 20 Mbps

For homes with multiple users and devices. Stream videos, play online games and work from home.

Residential: $55.95

Business: $68.95

Initial Setup Fee for Fiber Optic installation is $150.00

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