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Wire Transfer

The fastest way to send money

For a low fee, send cash at lightning speeds

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A method for transferring funds electronically

If you need to transfer money quickly, then come into any of our branches to send a wire transfer. This is one of the safest and quickest ways to send or receive money. It doesn’t take long to set one up, and the funds are immediately available.

A better deal

Many banks will charge you around $40 dollars to send a wire transfer. We only charge half of that, because we are committed to giving our members a great deal—even on the one-time fees.

  1.  One of the safest way to send or receive money
  2.  Available at any of our branches
  3.  Most transfers are received on the same day
  4.  Funds can be accessed immediately


  • Yes. Our cut off time for making wire transfers is 1:00 PM.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Find a Branch

Like doing things online?

Like doing things online?
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