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Safe Deposit Box

A place for your keepsakes

Protect jewelry, important documents, and more

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A protective box for keeping valuables safe

Need to secure something important? For a low, per-year fee, we’ll keep an eye on it for you in a safe deposit box. You can choose from a variety of sized boxes and come back for your valuables at any time. The boxes can be found at our Coulee Dam office.

Services that serve you

You don’t need to go to a bank to get a wide range of services. Safe deposit boxes are just one of the many options we make available to you, from wire transfers to free notary service for members.

  1. Safe deposit boxes to protect what you love
  2. Prepaid cash cards for gifts or travel
  3. Wire transfers to send money anywhere fast
  4. Money orders, and cashier’s checks


  • Safe Deposit boxes are only available at our Coulee Dam office.

  • These are the current fees we charge for our safe deposit boxes:

    • 3×5 – $15.00/year
    • 5×5 – $20.00/year
    • 3×10 – $30.00/year
    • 5×10 – $50.00/year
    • 10×10 – $70.00/year
    • Duplicate Key – $20.00
    • Drill Box – No key – $150.00

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Come Talk to Us

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Like doing things online?
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