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Just walk right in

Free notary services for members whenever you need them

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A person licensed to witness signatures on documents

Need to confirm a business contract? Ready to purchase a home? If you are signing important documents, you can come into our offices and get that witnessed by a licensed notary. Just make sure that everyone signing brings a photo ID.

Plenty of added conveniences

You don’t need a bank to get plenty of extra services and conveniences. In addition to notary services, we offer our members a wide range of conveniences, including a wire transfers, and prepaid cash cards, plus safe deposit boxes at our Coulee Dam branch.

  1.  Prepaid cash cards for gifts or travel
  2.  Wire transfers to send money anywhere fast
  3.  Money orders, and cashier’s checks


  • Yes, you and anyone else signing the documents should bring a photo ID.

  • No, the service is only free for members of CDFCU. Non-members will need to pay a fee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Find a Branch

Like doing things online?

Like doing things online?
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