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Escrow Service

Note servicing made simple

An easy way to collect payments

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A third party service for managing contract payments

Are you selling a home or property? Are you worried about collecting payments? We can take the weight off your shoulders and collect your payments for you via our Escrow Service.

In this service, payments are made by the “buyer” to the credit union. We take care of the payment accounting and disburse the funds to the “seller” of the contract (you).

The right credit union to work with

With fees that won’t bog you down, and the best customer service around, we’re the perfect choice for your Escrow needs.

  1.  Reasonable set up and payment fees
  2.  Payment coupons and payment receipts included
  3.  1099 and 1098 forms included
  4.  Personalized customer service


  • Fees and Charges:

    • Set Up Fee: $125.00
    • Buyer/Seller Assignment – $100.00
    • Cancellation Fee – $60.00
    • Payoff Fee – $25.00

    Fees charged per payment:

    • $5.39 monthly payment fee
    • $16.17 quarterly payments
    • $32.34 semi-annual payments
    • $64.68 annual payments
    • $28 for NSF checks
    • $5 additional check disbursement fee

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Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Find a Branch

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