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Deposit Secured Loans

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A loan secured by your deposit account

Let’s say you need cash for a vacation, emergency, or other big expense. But you don’t want to drain your savings. A deposit secured loan is the perfect answer. With our secured loans, you can simply use one of your savings accounts (including a share certificate or CD) as collateral to make sure you’ll get a low rate.

A streamlined solution

If you already have savings account or a share certificate with us, then you can use it to secure your loan up to your available balance. This way, you’ll keep all your financials in one convenient place. Why take your business to a big bank when you can enjoy a streamlined solution?

  1. Budget-friendly payments tailored around your preferred schedule
  2. No application or funding fees
  3. Local decision-making and processing


Loan Type Rate/APR Minimum Down Terms
Share Secured Loan 3% above Share rate up to 72 months
Certificate Secured Loan 3% above Certificate rate

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Come Talk to Us

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Like doing things online?
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