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A loan for constructing a new home

Your home is where you’ll spend your future. So why not make it look the way you want it to? With competitive rates and reasonable terms, choosing us to cover your home construction loan is a no brainer.

A better kind of lender

Construction loans are just a tiny bit more complicated than your average home loan, but they come with plenty of advantages. And with the right partner by your side, the whole process becomes completely manageable. We’ll sit down with you to talk about your home and help you get a loan that works for you.

  1. A short-term loan without as much interest to pay
  2. Build your home to your exact specifications
  3. Rollover to one of our regular mortgages once the home is complete


  • You will also need to provide us with your home plans and your future home’s estimated value. If you have any questions about these requirements, feel free to contact us.

    In terms of contractors, you can either a.) hire a contractor, or b.) act as the general contractor for the loan yourself, while hiring out whichever subcontractors you may need.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee.

Some of life’s decisions should be made over coffee. Come Talk to Us

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Like doing things online?
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