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Enjoy the benefits of being a member of Coulee Dam Credit Union

Membership Eligibility

To become a member of Coulee Dam Credit Union, you must either live or work within 50 miles of the Coulee Dam Post Office, or you must live or work within Douglas, Ferry, Grant, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties. Family members are also automatically eligible to join. By opening your Regular Share savings account and establishing membership with CDFCU, you not only become a member, but also a partial owner. This means you will have say in the credit union's activities by electing a Board of Directors.

If the above criteria applies to you, we would like to invite you to join a not-for-profit, community credit union that truly functions for its members.

Joining is easy:

Open a Regular Share savings account with as little as $25, and you become a full-fledged member with access to all of our value-added services.

Once your membership is established, you're a member for life. And your family members are automatically eligible to join too! Become a part of the Coulee Dam Credit Union family today!

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Credit Unions may offer similar financial services that you'll find at a bank—but that's where the similarities stop. Here are a few significant differences that make having a credit union account the better option:

  • Banks are profit motivated, so they can pay dividends to a small, select group of investors.
  • Our profits are returned to our membership in the form of lower fees and better dividends/loan interest rates.
  • We're member-owned, meaning that you are a partial shareholder with a stake in everything we do.

CDFCU is a not-for-profit credit union committed to making your financial health and success a priority. Whether you are looking for a safe harbor for savings and/or investments, low interest rate loans, or business services, we have accounts that will suit your needs. We offer better dividend rates and lower fees than big-name banks. And when you join CDFCU, you are more than an account holder. You become a Member/Owner with all the privileges and benefits of CDFCU membership.

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For questions or clarifications relating to membership eligibility, benefits, and more, contact us at any CDFCU location.